Frazier Air Permeability - Universal Specimen Holder - FAP-USH-1

The Universal Specimen Holder FAP-USH-1 is an add-on accessory for the Frazier Differential Pressure Permeability Instrument that is used to increase the instrument’s versatility in checking the permeability of depth type materials. The FAP-USH-1 is one version of the Universal Specimen Holder (FAP-USH) that easily adds on to the Frazier Air Permeability Tester to test samples up to 1 inch (25 mm) in thickness. Samples can be quickly loaded and unloaded easily into unit. This holder will accept different shape samples with a parallel top and bottom up to 1" thick. Custom inserts that are the same thickness and shape as the specimen to be tested are used to hold the sample in position and seal tightly on the sample to eliminate edge leakage while avoiding compression of sample. Samples must fit into a 4" dia circle. The standard minimum sample size is 1.128" dia (1 sq in). Smaller custom sample sizes down to about 0.75" dia are available.

General Description of FAP-USH Family of Specimen Holders.

Guide for use of the FAP-USH-1





Specimen Holder Base



Specimen Holder Sleeve



Custom Inserts are used for custom size specimens to position sample and avoid crushing and edge leakage

FAP-USH-1-Insert-d3574 - USH Insert for ASTM D3574 (2"x2" square x 1" thick) (custom shapes available)

FAP-USH-1-Insert - USH Insert 3.5"dia x 3/8"thick (custom diameters up to 4" and thicknesses up to 1" are available)

FAP-USH-1-Insert - USH Insert 1"dia x 1/8"thick (custom sizes available)


Adapter Plates are used for Samples that are less than 2.75" in diameter

FAP-AP-1SI-BP - 1 Square Inch Adapter Plate - Bottom Plate

FAP-AP-1SI-TP - 1 Square Inch Adapter Plate - Top Plate

(Adapter Plates are standard equipment with all FAP-HP & FAP-F2 Air Permeability Testers)


Weight Rings are used when the test requires that samples be compressed

FAP-WR-3LB - 3 lb Weight Ring

(Weight Rings are standard equipment with all Frazier Air Permeability models)


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Guide for use of the FAP-USH-1

Universal Specimen Cutter for cutting 3.5" dia samples up to 6" thick for use in the Universal Specimen Holder.